Bright Moon, Sweet Dreams Bring


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Fine silver sky, bright moon with a soft voice sweet dreams brings,

Ancient spirits from older time, by ticking clock they appear with the first clear midnight chime,

Otherworldly magic sing, mystic phantoms drifting down on the palest wings

Come to me as I am at bed, soothing touches to weary soul and aching head,

Tell me tales in whispering tones, seduce my heart ensnare my bones

Oh this night shall fleeting be, but still the spirits remain with me

As the moon brightly shines, as my hands move over the purest lines

Softest skin as pale as the night, eyes that watch that know no fright

Sirens sing me to my sleep, my soul in eternity theirs to keep…

And through the window bright moon high, sweet dreams bring as here I lie ….