Dancing Youth of Summer


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Easier days, one could say it

Better times

Youth enjoying the days of summer

Smiling all the while

Feeling the first touches of love and romance

Cheesy music leading to guilty pleasures

Now and them, days of future past

Times that last forever

Leading to a different season

And the first




That sold my soul

Miles before I reached a very disappointed Devil


At the crossroads

But, his wait was not too disappointing when, at the last, we met

Hail and well met

Devil to Devil discourse, laughter, games

Roll the die

Future in our hands

And many a fantasy ready to be laid out and played

Exchanging bush songs and ballads of folk

Digging deep and sending the dead out to worry the most foolish with prods and pokes

Let the music play as the dead dance merry and fey

And I will dance with them, my lovers, as together as one we do lay