One line scenarios
Fine strokes that offer paradise or torment

My hands work
Mysterious ways
Magic touch

The Lords sing as the Witches chant
Seasons move as the wheel turns
Sun comes out after the rain, brief hiatus as clouds gather and snow begins to fall

Nothing much
Nothing to see
All is quiet between the Devil and the deep blue sea


Clever with words

The art of seduction, a cunning tongue keen on languages
A cunning linguist
She smiles at the joke, she smiles more later

Eroticism as the rule of life
I couldn’t agree more
Why bend rules when you could just simply ignore them?

Think of her
Gentle curve of her lips
The soft embrace of her hips
Kisses that [will] last the longest time
A beautiful lady upon my mind
Crimson smile
Her eyes enraptured
Lovers’ desire easily captured

We could plan a murder or start a religion – Mr Mojo Rising – The Doors are open

Eternity, good friends and memorable companions, time holds you firmly in heart and mind, love and memory . . . he looks away, can think of nothing more to say.

Holding belief in the palm of my hands
Breathing deep breathing hard
So deep within you, psyche and essence
Ghosts watch over the path we walk

Music, such music
Sweet playlist

Lagan love/Nada Brahma – Sheila Chandra
Elsewhere – Bethany Joy Lenz
I’ll Kill Her – Soko
Uninvited (From The City Of Angels Soundtrack)- Alanis Morissette
Trampled Rose – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack
Strange Little Girl – The Stranglers
So Deep Within You – The Moody Blues
Kiss From A rose – Seal
Northern Lights – Renaissance

The evening progresses, tired after a long day, the gym relaxes

Oh maid with heart of gold and hair of fire, to mine eyes every lusty mans desire

Midnight queens, dance for me, and deliver such mischief to my dreams

I look up into a sky so deep and clear and know that all things to me are near

The reflection in the mirror smiles
The spectre at its shoulder nods
The wolf outside howls long
The end another beginning