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End of days, days without end
Open The Doors
This show continues, never fades never ends
Embrace the universe
On rainy days of blue & grey
no tears no fears no sex no horror
must be what it is just another comedy of errors
take the hard knocks as they come
cruising on the drag
strippers dancing
showing it all, hiding everything but skin
sitting an a flirting, wicked delicious sin
cold skin warming to the colour of money
weird scenes that make your head explode

magician pulling rabbits
who then get to wear the hats
cute bikini clad assistant wields long swords
cuts the audience in half with words
the prophet plays with matches
the follower throws the bomb
politicians catch it cleanly
the ordinary soul gets burnt

angry scream of a guitar
singers voice on fire
tortured poet
cries out, angry
peace an love a wonderous story
turn out the lights
world on a knife-edge cut
music says it all
trying not to lose it all
trying not to fall

bathtub coffin, heart failing fast
special friend smiles
feel her lips
take me to the end
spirit climbs

plays with the echo
of history gone before
embrace the movement of the world
like some god forsaken whore
but there is honour in the action
choice within the embrace
open mind and open heart
truth written on the face

in the mirror smiles
reflection then waits outside
standing in the rain
that’s coming thick and fast
and the last chord plays
echoes as it dies
and when the last notes silent
see the grave of truth for there it lies

in the peace of no-one saying anything
with blindfolds across their eyes
fingers in their ears
such it is the voice in the wind that mournful sighs

lay down in the garden
wait it all out now
let the grass grow
the earth devour
open mind and soul
feel hope flower

witches words a cackle
she knows what’s going on
can’t be happening
but it is

this is
none of it is
bet on it

hit it