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take me now


for all time


down into the darkness of forgotten souls

no more clowning

no more smiles

too much pain from the voices in my head

crying out to end all this instead

I look in the mirror and no more joy is seen

the audience is gone now

no more laughter, life no longer keen

so let the darkness take me

no more joy can I feel

so let the darkness embrace me

I am broken upon life’s wheel.


To one whom I never met, but was a hero not just to me but global, who made us laugh, made us cry, who granted wishes who could truly fly, gone too soon truly missed but will be immortalized in the work you left behind, remembered by those who loved you and enjoyed the way you worked.

rest easy and thank you thank you thank you

in memory

and to those that understand, to those that care, to those that suffer, know that someone, somewhere, cares and there is more than one such person in the world that will listen and be there.