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Reboot – pressing the reset button – erasing that which once was, shifting ever moving to the realm of alternate universes, reality turning and twisted, new games to play with old ideas, spit and polish trying to make it shine, new players with old faces and a sound that is not unlike thunder, tearing it all apart, ripping it all asunder.

400 down and word 1 starts it all again.

Spider web smile, ringing new bells, giving it all, giving it hell, change of mind, change of style, change of expression for all time for a while, surreal spiel, hear the voices hear the calls, damn the world, damn them all.

Struggle in the silence of the mind, trying to relax, trying to unwind, fight the fight, good or bad and embracing sanity whilst going mad, hear the violins, this is a new start, this is the serious point and this is where it all begins.

Keep on listening, keep on reading keep on doing what you do, spread the word, attend to the speeches that long to be heard, revolution comes tomorrow, with every new thought and every freshly discovered word, hope and glory.

Countless Earths, Universes infinite, time flows as a stream over rocks its course disturbed, full of eddies and hidden depths, nature advances and has no mercy.

Star shine in the darkness, star shine in the day, balance and perfect harmony, black and white with red replacing grey.

Begin again, dancing to different tunes and the beat of a new band, sing with a new voice, see with new eyes and write with a new hand.

The players leave the stage; the audience politely applauds as Judy Teen continues to play to the fools, she being still so sick of the scene, with a passing smile the curtain descends and everything changes and nothing is quite what it seems.

Unseen, they all take a bow, tomorrow, then and now.