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Black file philosophy, so many books, notebooks, files,

Colours abound, ideas roam

My mood is one of restlessness and I find the world is my home.

Reflections with directions

Violins with angel voice

The decisions we make are ours by choice,

The sky has eyes full of winter tales

Fireside comfort never fails

As the First Tree in the Greenwood soft in the air sails,

The lights are so bright and the tinsel so sweet

This season of goodwill to all men is a treat

Finds a song in my heart, music in my ears, and a dance to entertain my feet,

To the meadow to the wood to the orchard to beyond

Winter refrains lifted high into the night into the heavens high

Wassail wassail, we drink we make merry and with our lovers beside them lie

Under mistletoe bough with holly wreath crowns

Season’s greetings to all and let our joy have no bounds.