I saw a light in heaven shine

And my empty heart wished it were mine,

In darkened wood my spirt lay

Lost on a road to where i could not say.

My upturned eyes into autumn sky sought

The beauty of the light they caught,

With eyes so full of tears and pain

That once, such sights, the thought to never see again.

To my knees i then did fall

To the ground i then did crawl

A wounded beast, no more a man

To live no more was now my plan.

But in my mind that light did stay,

To my ears now a harmonious voice did play

“I am your light, your hope, your joy, your way

“raise up your eyes, upon my face let them stray.”

Such a voice, dried my eyes

And all my grief, my pain, did subside

I raised my head and did see

An Angel before me on bended knee.

She took my hand, she touched my face

And my soul it felt such grace,

Such love such peace so much more

Into her eyes, upon her face, her i adored.

She took me away from that place,

Into her arms i fell and there found grace,

Until at last the spell was broke

And like a dreamer i once more awoke.

Years have passed, so quick is time,

I will not forget her face, so sweet divine

In my dreams she finds me stll,

All i know is peace, i fear no ill.

My Angel that i see

Now I know walks with me

All the hours of the day

My prayers are hers, and so with her does my heart stay.