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on the back of a play of passion

destined for better things

when the going gets tough

we turn on to the blues


days wasting

listening to the rain

dying slowly on the inside

signs on outside

starting to show

things never going to be the same

throw the bones

roll the dice

offering up voodoo prayers

to ghosts

called upon twice

don’t believe a word

somethings never change

last night and angel sang to me

with the voice


poets past

elemental haunting

with words destined to last

like an hourglass

the evidence of a chaotic mind

seen in colours of every kind

you should know these things

let me draw the lines


enlightened thoughts and wild rhymes

let normality out of the door

open the windows

let the madness roar

clear the desk, open a new page

let the past go all those things gone before

the dead dance

new imaginings

places to let the mind go

let it free

cast it adrift

wine, women & song

what could possibly break?

what could possibly go wrong?

The First Published book by Simon Douglas Overy

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