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I cough, feel the sickness deep within, lock the door with myself inside

Jimi plays and I hide my eyes, spice madness gripping my soul

Blinding rhythm and I am in the company of Gods

Elements at my fingertips, scars all over, body and soul

The day is one of words, poetry in myriad forms, countless voices

Endless vices the most beautiful of mysteries and the witchcraft comes alive.

I could show you pictures weave you dreams share the madness and the mayhem

And other things that call to us from the wild side,

The keyboard stutters the machines do rebel

But I laugh and dance in my own private hell

I need no reason to love or not

I have no tears to share

My anger equals my passion

I made my choice and chose my own religion

Worship in my own temple and dine and feast

Give thanks before an altar on my knees

Worship my own Gods and all their subsequent Beasts

As around me in the darkness false of a light polluted land

The undead call me up to dance and I eagerly take their hand

As the fire that burns so deep within

Encourages me more to revel in sin.

So it is

So it was

So it will

We wait for the sacrifice and the blood to spill.