Say what you see!

World flying by, angry, chaotic

Leave the television off

Too much opinionated drama, unrealistic 

What ever happened to the truth?

Trees being felled, property torn down to make way for new property, tacky and too expensive for most

The homeless, the unhappy, the old and the lonely, youth and stupidity, greed and complacency.

Say what you see!

World flying by

People going places,

Mixed up world countless different faces

Lives full of hope

Smiling, happy, eager

For the next moment to come

Their dreams seeking to make them clearer

A world so diverse, rich and cursed, blessed and loved 

Beautiful in its greens and blues

It’s clouds watched, chased, desired 

So many minds so many souls, each with faith, heart and soul inspired 

Say what you see!

The toss of a coin

The fates decide, the choices without number

But the will is ours

For good or ill

Let us be wiser then and in our choices not so dumber.