Language and laughter!

Sitting confortably, travelling again on a black road flecked by painted pretty patterns of lines, words, directions, warnings.

Laughter and language!

Bright sky above steals my eyes away from my book. Blue sky thinking in a morning where dreams still linger prayers are whispered and passions aroused by the sights and sounds of life everlasting.

Close my eyes (although I do not want to, a beautiful day should not become so dark) open my ears to the sounds around me voices so close yet with accents with words distant and charming, beautiful and beguiling. The world is a small place that reminds me of a day when it rained and I stood, suddenly mesmerised by a puddle in front of me that was not there a moment before.

I watched and I listened as the puddle grew, drip after drop steady, melodic, I did not feel the rain upon me but somehow someway the water before me held me and inspired peace.

I open my eyes and the world is racing past. Bouncing, jolting. I become Hobbit like, thinking of breakfast, tea, the comforts of my desk, of home.

The view from my window, distractions and dreams, dreaming spires distant unseen but felt and thought of. Beautiful summer come again, visiting, drifting, then like myself gone again. 

Rambling voices; here and now, language and laughter discussing this think and that then smile to myself as I play with other words, thinking of a story in progress , waiting, a small town and a cat.

The desk waits for my return, meanwhile I travel. A passion some hate.