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Fingers, mine, yours

Seeking out each other

Behind the safety

Of closed doors


As fleeting as the lace upon your back

Letting in the sunlight

Dancing shadows as we embrace, lovers on loves rack

Eyes reflecting desire, want and so much more

Open to each other, the one that we adore

Everything moving slowly, time standing still

Our hunger all consuming, never to be filled

Magic in our whispers, madness in our sighs

Everything so wrong so right, in the mystery of our lies

Seeking ever seeking the truths within our souls

Reaching out to each other a love never to grow old

Sleep now, sleep in my arms

Peace to find, harmony, calm and dreams rich and bright

As day becomes the night now, we hold each other tight

No matter the rain upon the window, life can stay outside

In my arms I’ll hold you, my forever bride.