names, numbers

elements, creation

weaving god like, scorn the hubris of such a thought

tired in the dust


how quickly the days flow past

how long now have i been adrift upon this river?

when did i lose the love

so cherished in my youth?

Have i lost it or has it become obscured

by petty worries


shallower emotions?

Has my vessel become caught upon a sandbank

waiting for a higher tide to come

or a wave of powerful beauty

strong enough set me afloat once more,

putting wind in my sails;

confusion, is this a river of have i come to a sea?

I breath deep tasting salt air and listen to crashing waves

open my eyes

and see bright sun breaking through the canopy of trees high above

leafy branches moving in a breeze i cannot feel



and the ocean can be heard, the river never too far away

the emotions of youth stir

we are never too old

never too young

life is as life decides

what happens must be

our spirits to thrive.