Petals Unfolding

LR -140252

My only Intention in recording this as I was walking (not hiking) on Sunday was as a memo to use later to write a post with.  But, when I played this back, I was surprised that you could hear the cadence of not only my footsteps, but the sounds of some type of cricket (I think) as I paused between words, as if right on cue to be heard.  At the very end, listening closely, birdsong is heard as well.  So I decided to not write out the words as I normally do but for you to actually hear this recording.

Notice the little wobble in my voice from the “stress” I have been dealing with taking care of Karma.  I deliberately took this walk to gain my breath back, struggling with anxiety on that day. Yet, the Peace and Calm in that same voice is there despite that wobble. And also…

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