One more roll of the dice

Sweet life

Wolves howl

Less is more!

Move on, weary bones running


Mirrors at the bottom of puddles

World turns on its head

Too much anger

Too much hate

Peaceful souls wish themselves dead

Who weeps?

Dirty cities full of dirtier people

Move on up

Wrapped up in the blues

Shaking off the lies

Too many times 

I feel I’ve paid my dues.

Wrap myself in beauty 

Rabbits head a pin, a badge of an older wiser truth

We talk too much of loss now

Trees have fallen over 


The hurt we’ve done to their to our so fragile of ancient roots

Lay back dreaming


Wishing hoping 

For a night so full of stars

To lose myself in the glory

Of other worlds so much better than we have made of ours

Fingers play on strings, muted, no desire to disturb

World weary 

Don’t mind me

I’ve no wish to perturb