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Strange day to be so full of the blues

not understanding why

just letting them go

drink my hand

no wagon below

taste the day by the memory of sun on my face

listening to laughter, watching children running at pace

thinking too much of when I was once young

reaching out for those days

but those are long since past, been and done

stange day to be so full of the blues

when it’s been one full of such beauty

if one is wise enough to ignore all the bad news

look to the drink, cold in my hand

smile to myself

looking out into the night

onto a green, peaceful, land.

set aside then all pain and all strife

send thoughts, hopes, healing spells, prayers out there

to all who have pain in their life,

down the drink


nice and cold, feeling the blues

feeling good

feeling tight

lie on my bed, book in my hand

close my eyes blissful

memories of green

sun, sea and sand.