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Find me

in the depths of your despair

find me

in the wind as it runs so freely through your hair

find me

in the music, in the rhythm that moves your feet

find me

in summer morning, in the heat of a summers night

find me

when you need a friend, when you need someone to hold you close and tight

find me

in the clouds a stay drift by slowly overhead

find me

when you need me in your dreams, one you need someone to treat, lady, right

find me

in a prayer, in a hope

find me

find me

find me

find me when you want me

all you need to do is wish

can be your genie old school, can be your wizard new

all the Knight you ever wished for in a fairytale

your every fantasy come so clear and clean and true

life is for the living

embrace the jazz

swim in the deepest blues

ride the rock’n’roll babe

the heaviest metal shines so bright for you


find me

in the music

of life as it twist and turns and screams

find me

in the rhythm

of life’s it sweeps you off down stream