One pause too many. 

A full stop in red made by a knife point legal to carry and licensed to kill, the order in ink the messenger follows orders.

Washing hands, making time when time would be better spent making love.

Turn the lights down low.

Start at the beginning or start at the end, smell the rain on the air longing for a storm to come like some long lost old friend.

The wind howling, sighing, whispering, crying.

Jazz hour, mixing in some blues, dancing forever dancing, look around this room!

A life in a box

Shades of a wolf

Marks like a fox

What do you want from me?

Temptations, distractions 

Anything you want

Give you dreams 

Give you hope

Send you love everlasting 

Whilst I dance a jig on the end of a rope 

Touch not this life time

Touch not what should happen next

Ring the bell loudly

Banish the hex.

Take it down, take it all down 

Realisation comes as no suprise 

But the pain is a bother and the tears run cruel from eyes 

So unused to the laughter

The joy is such pain

All things unfinished 

As I stand alone in the rain