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Sudden realisation!

Backwards – going down, nonsense waxing tuned in turned on experience the sound

Listening to the radio; the sweet voiced lady doing it so well, beautiful face, elegant grace

An angel sent from heaven taking me one step close to the devils in deepest hell

Think twice better than not thinking anything at all, listen to the voices, the sounds, find myself in a familiar family hall, roaring of the fire, bear in barrels strong and rich, meat on the bone laughs and groans and the wenches tease like many an adorable bitch

Love them all, worship more, friends and lovers each and every one adored

Lean on my sword, polish my knife and look in the sky remembering the joys of another life

Feel the blood flow though my veins

Know how to live

Embracing the sun whilst enjoying the rains

Build me a shrine show me a house, let me bring a God with the heart of a mouse

Madness in the dying rays of the sun, all things together when all is said, when all things done

Dream team in masks, glorious masquerade – what’s normal? You tell me!

Time to get played or get laid

Whichever way, let’s make some noise

Elegance comes later when the rain begins to fall and the guy in café picks up his trench coat from a peg near the door, walks well in his tan suit, wouldn’t give him a second glance, but if he’s got you in his sights, you don’t stand a chance.

Purple zoot suit, look rather dapper, need a woman on my arm, something classy with a hint of mischievous slapper, put her on a pedestal, worship her all though the day and all through the night, treat her like a lady, treat her so damn right

Ramble on with the sudden realisation that sanity is not here today, that the faces in the mirrors are waiting for other games to play

Line the pens up nicely, make the pencils sharp, type the words out (keyboard shuffle), play guitar like some mad devils harp

Nothing serious here, no wisdom here today, just the sounds of madness coming out to play

Dig it!