My future 

For fantasy dancing 

Consumes me, 

They travel


Her war wrong and the rest is history.

My family fall not so friendly 

Sneaky man

Gong-farmer inglorious 

Overlook your vain peace.

Radical nyargle 


Under hot love 

Quickly swimming with the logical

Too melodic a god in putrid times.

Fade away these Radom blues

Nothing works 

On summer morning and summer night when she’s gone from memory, from my side, 

Wipe the sweat from my brow, wipe a tear from my eye, find the laughter beyond the sigh

Put the nonsense to one side, consider De Quincey and murder as fine art, delight in darkness dangerous 

Cry for more 

Life’s a boor 

Free the lady, play wild times easy, close my eyes, yar-yar, clap hand, chic, freak out, freak on, free the lady embrace the beast, end it all in a beautiful feast.