Searching emotional wrecks the best thing ever 

The fact is that you can get it right 

I’m not sure how much I love the way you can get the hang of it 

I don’t think it’s time for a few days and I’m still waiting on the other side 

The best way of saying it would be nice if it wasn’t even there 

Searching for the rest of the year before I have a nice dream 

Feeling through northern songs, random words to describe how excited I am 

Same three words appearing on my phone today; nonsense is rife 

Carried away, give me a penny and I’ll give you a pound, the company has been fine but I lost my peculiar mind whilst drinking a beer and feeling quiet queer, I picked up a mint realised I was skint, bringing the house down with The Brimingham Boys, getting Slade shame but no getting Laid, those games are not ones I play half hearted, sweating it out dance sing and shout you don’t need to make sense of it all

I love you so much better than the original version 

You know what I was just thinking about 

The only thing is a great way to go out 

Hang it up with the best of luck 

This is the time and the place 

So get strong be wrong whilst being right after the game has been played

Imagination is key so let it all free and the rest of the picture is a good one 

stars in your eyes that’s no great surprise, why work when you’ve got a great talent?

Siting under the sun I’m all about done, time to relax and listen to my heartbeat

Or play some more tunes and dance like a buffoon whilst the squirrels chase about fine and merry

But for now I can see a need to be be free whilst I debate over coffee and sherry the three words that play like myself in the hay:

Stop making sense 

Here ends my thought for the day