I look into deep waters,

Ponder riddles that linger long in time and space,

I seek words that will delight you, that might, just might, put a smile upon your face.

Then those words perhaps spoken by my voice, shall send you to sleep and in that quiet time such dreams will shine, perhaps, perhaps inspired by those words of mine


Will they be there to greet you when you wake? To make a new day delightful as if they are fresh baked bread warm upon your plate, scented especially pleasing to make your senses full and not so empty in a way that a sad heart does ache.

I look into deep waters, to find such words and more, to bring you love such peace such joy, let happiness come upon you in life to be adored.

My eyes they such wonderful things when open and when closed, worlds so far and distant as our is around us and so close, veils of mystery that between our world and others of which we are just one part – behold races and beasts fantastical and those that practice the lightest and the darkest arts 

Ah such things I would tell you as I sat beside your bed or to lie by your side hold you with pride and with all my love look upon your face, ready for sleep, soft then once more again, words so sweet with them the sweetest dreams to send.