I can see the window. 

It is on the first floor of the house, second one in from the right. 

A dull building only finished less than a year ago on an estate where all the other houses, some small one or two larger, were finished and pretty much occupied at the same time.

Except this one.

This one stands empty.

A three story house, unremarkable, same design as the others. Dull.


No one wants it.

People come, get shown around, people go. 

Calls are made and it’s the same thanks but no thanks. No real reason is ever given.

So here I sit; looking up at the house watching the same window with same attitude as to others who come here, I don’t know why, don’t know I come back.

It’s sales brochure is on the passenger seat of my car. I’ve had it for a while now it’s starting to look tatty. A bit like the house.

I’m tempted to get out of my car walk up and have a look around but am starting to feel uncomfortable as one or two of the neighbours are watching. Recognising my car, recognising me.

My phone rings. The vibration in my breast pocket demanding attention. The estate agent, the number the same as the one printed on the sign fading on the lawn.

I answer it.

Am I interested in the house? They have reduced the price! They might; no, the will be willing to accept a  reasonable offer.

I look at the house.

Look at the window.

I am uneasy, wary, unsure and yet I cannot help myself and find that I am speaking, talking numbers.

You could almost hear the person on the other end smiling and fist pumping the air.

They say yes.

The call ends with happy goodbyes and joyful we will be in touch’s. 

I toss my phone onto the brochure, start the car and drive away. 

I do not look in my rear view mirror. 

I do not want to.

Something tells me it would not be wise to. 

So I look down at the brochure with the photo of the house on its cover, newly built, captured on a sunny day and I look at the first flood of the house at the second window in from the right….

I flip the brochure over face down blank back cover up and focus my eyes back on the road ignoring my racing heart or the fear that dwells in the pit of my gut.