Take me back

Into your arms

Returning to the days of long Summer and easy Autumn, passionate spring and intimate Winter

We were free then!

Tied to no one, open to sail calm seas uncharted looking for serenity in lands made real by the looks in our eyes and the dreams in our minds eye

I did not see the storms arise, caught unawares, swept away to this place so far away so long gone through the mists of time to finds my searching for your face and seeing naught but a ghost that still holds my heart, a wraith with the kiss never given a haunted memory cold on our lips.

My sanctuary echoes with empty footsteps in tired corridors and I forget the days the months the years that have passed and the moments that have died in the empty passions of the embraces of other lovers – we never knew rain! I cannot think of a day when the sun did not shine in all the time that I knew you. 


For now all I long for is the rain; selfish lovestruck fool perhaps, but let it rain, let it storm, let the wind fill my sails and blow with fortunes grace casting me away to sail rough seas, let it howl, let it blow, let it send me back to those easy shores where on golden sands  gods be wiling you stand 

You wait

And we shall find each other once more

Sing me to sleep, come to me, tell me many things

But more than all that is

Tell me

Reassure me

Tell me that life has been kind

That happiness found you

That your course was true

Sing me to sleep

The band plays on