Oh man!

The sun brings it all back, take you there if I could, do it all again, open hearts full of peace on their minds music loud breaking down the walls as the storm rages

Where is the shelter from these troubled times? Find them in the  rhythms find them in the rhymes 

One shot at life don’t blow it now

Tell you sister about love tell you brother about life, find them both together in downtown blues blowing away the strife

Turn the red light down baby, turn that lamps glow down low, want you more than I love you and I love you more than any man could know 

Wake up in the dreamtime, hear the Rock played loud and those Texas blues played slow, have mercy on us sinners Lord, you know our road and we’ve still got one hell of a damn long way to go

So take me to that shelter where the life is oh so sweet, take me to that shelter man, got some moves to make some feathers to shake and strut my stuff as Jimi plays it showing us how it’s done

Take my hand let’s make plans hit that road and never look back on this life that’s just a joke