I ran without direction!

I ran without knowing!

I ran from it all and it didn’t stop the killing!

The howling filled my nightmares the screams they filled my dreams and the blood flowed hot the tears flowed swift and bodies grew in piles higher than the vaulted terror of the night and it’s ever increasing fears 

She cried your name and to my shame the sound died as my teeth ripped apart her pretty throat, I hunt I kill at my lesuire by my free will, you hunt you die I shall not lie, I have lived so long few so brave have ever come as close, they die the same be they alone or with a host 

Pricked by a thorn under summers moon no love came on that night of many stars, but followed soon by the next moon the beginning of such pain such tourment nights so long and full of scars

My body bears witness to it all but my eyes show naught but a haunted gaze revealing a soul longing for the end of its days

Yet I ran and I still run fearing nothing, no man, no blade, no gun

I see the stars the sky above I see the moon lock my lips and taste the sweetness of fresh blood