Revisit old themes

Slip into evil

Feel old hunger, dark thrills, return 

Eager butterflies that dwell inside 

Unleashing fear, deep terrors from which you cannot hide

John Carpenter plays, Stephen King has a clown taunting from a row of books, Arnie is a cyborg with no damn heart but fine menacing looks

Vampires stalk as werewolves find London such a charm, Bob resides in Twin Peaks whilst Tooms has a file and Scully just out of reach of his arm

Different times different hungers Bowie plays it cool, fog drifts in so slowly as I lock my door, I’m no ones dead fool.

I welcome the fear, I relish the frights, I laugh at the horror and suffer no sleepless nights

For I open my mind, look into my soul, play with my demons let evil things flow

For what is the night without a ghost or a ghoul? Or pretty young thing, so beautiful yet a fey witless poor fool ready to fall into the arms of darkness’s fell charms and die in such horror in a devils embrace, wrapped in its evil strong arms.

But not all those who’re caught in the night are easily fooled or caught by such terrible delights

Good has its champions and day banishes night, but we welcome the stories the horrors the frights