Playing the fool, drifting beside you

Remembering the things we always left unsaid

Clouds ever changing in a sky without limits 

Disappearing without reason like childhood never reappearing 

I feel the shadows lengthen and any strength fade away

Remembering too much whilst forgetting too little

Of all those things petty and hurtful 

Moments like this are hard on the heart

We don’t always have to be wrong, don’t always need to be right

Drifting like a seed caught on a breeze, held by the sunlight, in the shadows under the trees 

What craziness is this that brings me too my knees?

Sighing whilst dying getting lost in the blues

No one said life was going to be easy

That’s never been news

We make it in our own way

Either together or alone

Sit back, pick up my six string, find it whilst picking up love like crumbs from your table, weave you a story turn it into a fable 

Take it as comes don’t ever break it, take my heart take my soul now, kiss me daughters of the world now in any way you dare, bring me back and get me off my knees sisters and brothers with any love you’ve got to share

Spread the word spread the feeling, take it all to new heights, set the world ablaze now with love to banish all the petty spite’s