Cruising without moving

loving without losing

lights of hope

bringing me home,

gliding on a wave of blues

not allowing myself

to ever give in,

seen so many looks before

they all get old real quick

become such a bore

My face a default smile

play the gentle whore,

find the magic withou looking

pages turning so easy beneath my hand

turn the hourglass back over

listen to the whisper of the sand,

pick my sirens careful

on nights as dark as this

how quick the dream becomes a nightmare

in the ever perilous search for bliss,

fingers burn and bleed

as the fingers find the strings beneath them

with ever increasing passionate speed,

listen to the pain of Jesus in that garden long ago

Share his hurt his frustration his pain

cruxify him just the same,

look into his eyes and glide away


knowing the will of gods is hard

no second chances be they roles of the dice or turn of the cards

see the rise see the fall

put on another mask

wake the machine

press the button

laughing softly

fuck them all