Restless spirits

Crazy days, drifting summer finding Autumn in its clouds

Comforting chills found in the setting sun and the lighting of a candle

My voice


“Come closer; let me tell you of long nights in a quiet house spent in fear waiting, waiting, waiting for a knock upon the door as loud and as hard as the rain rain and hail that lash against the windows. ”

Lie there as the words flow, the clouds drift  and the sun sinks below the horizon.

Night falls like a pirates charm 

Hook for a hand and a cutlass to do terrible harm

The stories drift into one

As we sit and dream our lives away

Longing for love and the sea, the stars above and a need to be free 


Find the words

Hide nothing, revel in the truth

Be not a censor, be not a fiend

Lose oneself in the glorious absurdities of life’s gentler reliefs

Break the chains with the aid of Christmas ghosts, raise a glass then in a fine and hearty toast

Most of all

As sun fades life a lovers kiss in sad parting made

Knowing that

In time

Beauty cherished will come again 

No matter how rough or hidden the path may be, the sun will shine for all to see