Restless spirit, body fidgets 

Legs tense and restless 

Bring no sleep in the dark hours,

Mind races

Dreams strange full of Woody Allen & Marilyn Monroe 

But this is not New York and the blondes  I know sure aren’t dumb even if they pretend to be

Acting classy full of style in this restless night that lasts for while,

Stirring passions teasing desires walking on out through dreaming spires

Northen running, find you there, kiss your lips with tender care,

Seagulls call, crows cry out, magpies chatter and the daylight moves the night on out

No sleep now, any dreaming is fleeting, can’t settle down with this restless feeling,

Bed clothes wind like some corpses shroud ready to fall on the floor not proud

Teenage spirit, look at the mess! Tidy up later there’s no great hurry or press

Wide awake now, can’t help that

Reach for a book kept under a hat,

More words than these, I’m not real, I’m no great master of the flirt or the tease 

Open the curtains feel morning on my skin awake to the new day and all that it will bring

Turning I delight and admire brilliance in a soft smile, feel the sharp stab of pain at loss all the while