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Chill on my skin, delicate scent upon the air

anticipation, heady with the promise of sin.

who plays the master?

who is the servant?

games thrilling and chilling

one step short of death and easy blood spilling

lets play this hideous game show that we shall call Life(tm)

make it ridiculous a mockery full of strife

so full of enemies surrounded by so many strangers

where money is everything that matters

and complications come like rain on the window that patters

faces hidden behind masks welcome to generation Me

that has no real beginning as generations are all one and the same

such is reality, now ain’t that a shame!

set them aside locked away with my pride,

come here pretty woman be my lover be my bride

just for an hour perhaps for the day

locked away in this nightmare

let us dream better things in each other’s arms as we two step and sway

locked together one and the same closing our eyes hiding ourselves our guilt and our shame

human nature at its most open and perverse

but this is our reality, the truth outside is far worse.