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The lights go out one by one

when darkness falls I know I’m done

the fire is cold the stars grow dim

i dwell on life and all its whims

feel my pulse, my beating heart, skip and flutter

Slow, stop

draw a tired last breath

and gasp

death rattle from empty lungs in a cage of weary bones

held together by sad tired flesh and paper thin skin

weak cold blood stops its flow, Death comes 

time neither quick nor slow

they look at what once was, shed tears of sorrow release cries of grief

at the shape beneath the sheets

i feel no sorrow at what must be

knowing I cannot that fate will come to me

i turn and walk away

into the sun of another day

let them mourn their loss, let them keep their memories

their love within will by strange hurt stay

i sit and watch the ghosts go by

so many walk whilst others fly

Death sits beside me, we exchange no words

such conversation would be absurd.