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Feel the breath of four winds blowing 

As I hear the faint sounds

Chains rattle against stone and the mournful cries of one all alone

As the raven stands mocking 

And the fates come a knocking

I drink the warm liquor 

As the candlelight flickers 

And the insanity of night takes a hold

Reach out for proud beauties 

Desirable dark cuties

With talents that many seek and would pay

To have what they need to make them feel better

Give them enough, they would treat you quite rough

Pay them some more they might even stay

Laughter as the thought entertains

As the wind and rain rattles the windows in their frames

Take a long sip, it will make you feel hip

Into the nightmare so full of dreams you will then slip

Glass after glass, I will pour you no halves 

Into your mind my fingers will slip

With a surgeons deft skill you won’t even feel ill

Look into my eyes and let’s have some fun