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The sky was blue, so deep and clear

The day the winds carried with them

Those dark grey wings of silver fear

Its song was naught but a dread trumpet blast

Long and clear that struck terror so fast

As the sound did echo of the hills and into the valleys deep

It came as a vision from darkest hell into our nightmares long to keep

Its flame was fierce its lust was cruel it destroyed it wreaked it burned all we knew

Oh the flames and the panic of its furious blasts, those that remain were but few

We fled, we hid, none would ever return

To the destruction of that vile worms burn

To the south I and some did in time so come

That was then and now my time has run

For I am old and my scars have never healed

And many secrets shall I never reveal

But as I lie on my final bed

I regret that I, from that dragon, fled

I caught its eye and it caught mine

By ancient ways our minds entwined

I saw its life so long without true span

Compared to the briefest that is mortal mans

I spied its hoard, I felt its lusts

As all about its flame turned all to ash and dust

I saw the hatred in its mind

Turned to madness so unkind

Revenge was why it came that day

To find a treasure a thief had by chance carried away

Said soul had damned us all by in our inn, a room there stayed

I saw his face when I turned away, only to see the beast with silver claws flay

Tear his skin to the bone drink his blood as alive he moaned

I took my bow, an arrow notched, I loosed it into his black heart and it chilled my bones

For the beast returned its gaze to me

And with its look I so did see a greater fate it would for me

That was then and this is now

And I feel I have escaped such fate somehow

But as my eyes do slowly close

The wind outside stirs and blows…