Reflections shine on silver

Reflections shown on glass

Looking into the future

Catching moments missed, forgotten, held by the memories of the past

How peaceful the night is, how still as I walk on grass, leaf cluttered, damp and cold

Crystal orb held in my left 

Simple knife held on my right

Wrapped in a cloak of darkness

Walking silently out into the shadows of the night

All around is madness!

False light and laughter bright

Crys of happy children

Of adults getting tight

I walk unseen unnoticed by any except the cats

Who watch with wary reckoning 

One cannot argue with wisdom such as that

My hat is firm on my head

My eyes shine with firelight

I smile into the reflections 

Caught between the living and the dead

This night is one of mysterys

Let me slip inside your head

Find me in your dreams

Many faces with many forms 

A bright day of summer, one of winter full of storms

Let me slip into your head

On this night of tricks and treats

Let me show you wisdom 

Creation by skill, by craft, by most majestic feat

Let me slip into your head

Pull you from this world into another, grab my hand, don’t let it slip

Look into these eyes of fire, feel the power in my grip

Hear my laughter hear my voice let me show you all of this and more

Sleep now sleep forever, for I am many things, Devil, friend, whore

Sleep now sleep forever, let me open your last and final door.