Conspiracy of i don’t know what!
apathy riddled acquainted with sullenness wrapped in silence
surrounded by strangers whilst lost
seeking new words
hiding from old ideas
senses knowing my mind unforgiving.
where do we go from here?
still looking for the road, the path, the way
faith forbidden knowledge frown upon
ignorance is bliss and stupidity guaranteed,
look to the next distraction the next desire
want it all but not at the asking price
everything naughty but few things seem nice.

looking for the positive whilst lost in a play
full of insanity and characters with too much to say
so the inmates are shouting, rattling the bars of their cage
furious at the choices in the lives that they made

So i step away from your horror, your madness, your pain,
i lost the will to guide you perhaps even lead you long ago on a day when it rained
so i sit here nor for a short while, gaze into space, tired of it all
the futility
of this very sad race
as the cry of a child that wants little more than to be held
runs away to explore, seeking other things for its attention to be held

soft hearts in the night bloom as the orb of day slowly fades
ernest poor typing with one hand with the other holds onto his pain
drowning his sorrows with another stiff drink, killing a mind no longer willing to think

look at the pictures, the clock on the wall,
ask some more questions
then run away from it all

talk with tongue  not quite my own

hail to the king on his cold stony throne

throw out the words silence the noise, banish the tears created by your smashed broken toys, what is you want? what more do you need? do you understand all that your soul longs to bleed?


the poets are dying! the wise no longer stir, hide in their chambers not wishing to be heard, the silent majority now not seen and not heard, as the world becomes stupid, witless, absurd, hatred is much more palatable so it would seem, from both sides of the argument each one not knowing their true selfs revealed, burn the all slowly, bur them all quick, kill them all before they make us all sick, so yell the madmen locked away in their cells, each one alone in their own personal hell.

i look in the mirror, look away as is see so many souls, burning with torment but thats the way that it goes, discussion, debate, not all things are bad, sit back, take a break, stop being so mad. Sunlight will come when the new day arrives, hope for tomorrow, hope in all things that strive, say your prayers quietly, be strong in your heart, hope comes tomorrow, hope sets us apart, as it gives us the strength the will to succeed, and we sacrifice our blood for what we most need.

sleep well and dream softly let wisdom flow there, let our better angels guide us with love and great care, shout down our devils our demons our ghosts and  our self doubts so untrue, hide in our own shadows to our own selfs let us be true.