Hold me, I never learn

Head on fire

Blood full of pleasure 

Paying the price my own way

For a sinful taste of leisure 

Kick in the blood send the heart into turmoil 

Makes my mind run into overtime

Restless, broken, eager

In the darkness nursing this mad fever 

Witch crazy lunatic needs another pill

One more  sweet treat ready to go in for the kill

Take me to the redline take me over the edge

One more sugar hit an’ I’m ready to run off the ledge

Ages fading, dying with the light

Greed makes it all much better stuffed and bloated, wasted

I don’t care anymore 

Ages fading, dying with the light

Just gonna lie here, throw out the rules, bide my own time

I don’t care anymore 

I feel just fine left alone in this fine darkness with a shattered broken mind