The midnight hour draws closer and my blood begins to chill,

Darkness so forbidding, the fog rolls ever in

Thicker and so cold now

The night without a sound

If I were to run, oh my feet would never touch the ground!

My mind tells me tales of restless dead escaped from damp and dreadful ground

Whispers in the blackness, the grey misty shround that gathers round

Quicken my pace to escape my fear that chokes my soul

To retire to my rooms before the midnight bells do toll,

Gaslight ghostly phantoms chase me on my way

Tonight I am no man of courage, no man is brave on a night like this I say

This night has claws that catch you has teeth that nip and bite

And you mind will always whisper, creating eager frights

I crave a fire, a warming hearth, candles to light my home

This night is no good companion, no friend with which to go abroad and roam,

My door comes in view before me, key once in my pocket now so firm in hand

Open the door and close it firm behind me, lock and bolt the night outside and out of mind

Light a candle quickly, comfort in its flame I find.

O foolish soul, to hide behind locked door,

 Spy the open window upon the upper floor

Where your bedchamber awaits with your bed so soft and nice

And underneath a shadow, red eyed, with hands as cold as ice…