A passing 

The flowing of bright tears

From winter shadows

Such ghosts appear

Painful relics from the past

That come to haunt so quick and fast

Feel the heart beat beneath your hand

Fools last breath, passion foresakes his last demand 

Lips touch lips hot and cold

Death appears always bold

As candle burns and bright lights blaze 

Yuletide mischief cavorts as rough music plays 

Dance my merry fellows, lads and ladies all

Dance I say under the watchful gaze of his on high, Lord of Misrule 

Come sweet lady, come into my arms

Been long cold years and I do crave your charms

Raise a glass, raise it high, let us be merry and slap our thighs

With laughter loud and praise to the gods, let this fair season be full of joyous sighs 

Let’s us then make merry and in Deaths shadow summon the sun

And in this fine season let us then make loud such fun

Begone you ghosts! Away you Devils too, behold such Angels I once knew

Take my hand you maidens fair, let me weave dreams of spun gold into your hair

Pour me ale! Let the feasting begin, tis the season for mistletoe sin 

Laugh I say, laugh some more, banish sadness and Death from your door 

Raise your glasses, your tankards high, make a toast to life and more