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Strange day, marked by unavoidable questions of beauty

Surrounded by Heralds speaking in hushed tones of more open times

Of Innocence and honesty, openness combined

Times when hills echoed music from streets full of blues

Laughter and tears, young love with both sides paying their dues

Back in the day when in twilight we found

Ourselves as inexperienced lovers embracing our hearts deepest fears,

Behind closed doors

Favourite games played out in splendid isolation

Creating situations worthy of any rogue nation

High hopes and dreams full of faith full of love

Under a mirror ball glittering, starlight dancing above

Stealing kisses whilst exploring virgin ground

Shy tender hands finding places making excited hearts pound,

As the winter rain falls

Those days seem so long ago

Your face is unclear, your name escapes recollection

But the memory of you is one in a much beloved collection

It was so long ago, do you think of me too?

30 years have passed, that summer is just one of many lived and gone

Yet I think of you still, a tender soft verse in my life’s continuing song.