Kiss away tears kept safe in a lovers hand

Swept away by the rain falling upon an unpleasant land

Put things right by words written in furious ink

Flecked by blood engaged by a fury that will not so easily sink

Come find me my strange enticing darlings 

Come listen to the madness raging in my head

As we look for fleeting love in each other’s arms

No abuse in our sex plays, no one any harm

Not here for your souls your hearts or your minds 

Just here to play with words with an elegant murderers charm

Looking at poets all eager for the grave, 

Righteous and pious in their misery and yet hopelessly looking for fallen souls to save

Is there anyone listening or are their voices all wrong?

Singing so many different songs, a holy choir of such melancholy charm

And I will sit here with open ears

Waiting for the swallows of summer to return

Trying my best to follow the distractions

That will take me

Find me

Safe again

In some nameless strangers arms

As the masters make the rules and the world spins ever on

And I look upstairs with upturned hands, whispered incantations 

Slipping off my tongue 


Feeling obscene lips

Playing music 

On my hips

Seeking Gods blessing and my most loving charm