New page, listening to a quiet world whilst the mind is in full rage,

Anguished questions looking for words

Burning bushes, voices heard, 

Mysteries & myths, princess and queens

Dragons and ghost, marvellous scenes 

Finding new paths, curious roads

Dancing with Igors, playing with toads

Looking into a blue sky

Full of clouds, see how they run?

Not caring if it’s wrong, not caring if it’s right

Midday sun shining bright just after one

Light a candle to the madness 

Watch its flame burning bright

Find the rabbit hole listen to Alice singing

Cheshire Cat smiles finds us all grinning 

Open doors open minds even wider

Flames climbing higher 

Burning ever brighter

Forget for a while reality beyond your door

Look to a bookshelf

Find words to adore,

See then the wisdom

In words form wiser minds than ours

Watch the daylight fade

And the candles of imagination burn ever brighter