Hellos and goodbyes lost, silent, fallen

Flame is calling 

A dragons whisper

In a cave

Where light barely shines,

Turn the gold over in my hand

Ponder the road so often trod

By weary spirits that mockingly call,

The sea is calling with a blessing that will take

Far away

Never to return

With no farewell in our parting.
I hear them coming in the beating of a drum

Calling out for me to come,

To brush the dust off my hat, fetch my coat, brush my shoes

Raise my cane, let us share our carnival of good news,

So many treats for you to see 

angels and devils in twos and in threes,

But what treats we have for you

To be shown in our tests freshly pitched on field still damp with dew,

Sideshow freaks and acts to haunt your dreams

Things are never quite what they seem,

But come! Come here, let me introduce my latest prize

A vision that will steal your very eyes,

Behold the tent on the very edge of the field

Go in, go in, and everything will be revealed,

See the candles see the flames

Within a creature to haunt every dream,

Old as night dark as day

Something indeed has come our way,

Dare you enter the shadows of its tent?

Will you desire for adventure in its direction sent?
I raise my hat

Pay my coin 

Watch the flames rise higher

Close my eyes

Hear the sea

Find my desire

And the tent flap closes behind me

Within is everything I ever did see