Cloud 9 drifting

Seemless clear

Memories for tomorrow 

In my mind that keeps you near,

Voices call out

Prayers in many languages

All born out of the same sound

All so lost and falling

Never sure which way is up

With eyes cast down to the ground

And I’m watching from my tower 

Up here way up in the clouds

Resting on my laurels 

So full of contented bliss

The only dark cloud on my horizon 

Twilight ghosts, the memory of your kiss

So I send out all my good vibes 

As I capture the prayers that rise up from below

Reaching out with eager arms

Pull you up so I can join you in the down

And together we can make it

All we need to is try

Wipe away any tears of sorrow

Or fears that boil blood making fragile minds fry