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11-08-06_2015New life calling in ancient sunsets

Fresh day

After the rain

Looking out for Angels arriving on silver wings

Ruby smiles

Bright eyes shining

The dreams are broken by natures tokens

Black winged messengers

Harsh voiced

Calling out falsehoods

Mocking the faithless with brittle insults

Dark eyed

Laughter from other quarters

As sects dabble, masters of magic hiding from adoration

See them fly


I hear the pleas of tongue tied lovers

The minds of murderers and murderess

I hear the tears of the heartbroken

The chaos of tortured souls on many roads

I hear the trials of lives passing

The world turning season after season

I hear it all, I see it all, my pen marks it all down

Like so many blasphemous rumours

Washed away


By waves upon a distant shore