Such sorrow!

No words easily found to help

Or ease

The worries that come on winter breeze

How can I help?

I know not how, I can only reach and hold you now

Life’s troubles with difficulty found

Difficult weeds on fertile ground

That hide the beauty of flowers there

Vainly reaching for sun and air

Normal too much these terrible ways

That seem so normal on these brightest of days

Too many troubles in the world 

Yet we can help, we boys and girls

Send out the positive, healing hands

Across the globe to strife torn lands

To those solitary souls in need of aid

Hold my hands, be not afraid

Darker days will pass in time

Brighter then such days you’ll find

Weep alone tears shall be dried 

By stronger souls that stand firm by your side

Good will come

Give it time

For out are those have only good on their minds