Come into rabbit hole

Watch Alice dance,

Blowing pretty bubbles 

As I lay there on the grass,

Smile at the clock face

As time runs away so fast,

Slip into happiness 

At the centre of the dance,

As the dances move all around me

A genteel waltz 

Ending with a fancy two step and sway

I cannot hear the music

The dancers know the moves

As all round the call to me

To rise and join in their merry groove

So I rise to my surprise 

And join in with their games


The last

They all fade and pass

And I slip into happiness 

In a masked fine strangers arms

She moves majestic 

Guides my way

No words need be spoke

We dance away the hours

Till the Rabbit with his watch

Parts us with his stick with which he gives us a nasty little poke


I lay

On sweet grass

My mind then plays 

As Alice and the Rabbit find new games then on another day

Together they blow such fine bubbles 

Such colours shapes and sizes

I watch

And find I have no troubles.