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Beautiful sunsets, staring off into the distance waiting for the night.

No one needs to know what we do, these rolls of the die that decide when thrown in the games of fickle gods. Seeing you stand there, I know how the roll has gone and my heart catches in my throat, if you turn …

Wishes and dreams.

How sunsets have I craved my lips upon yours?

My hands upon you?


Hear that howl and know in the coming darkness what beast prowls.

Hung up, strung up, on a vision in a red dress, a smile that pushes my buttons.

I shall build towers and temples in which to hide and worship you, taking delight in your many forms, the faces behind so many masks. All the while I watch the sun sink, wait for night to rob me of warmth and then, in the clear, the brightest light that guides me to you. Heaven and hell in one point of light, legend folly and fable.

I reach out my hand to pull you closer, to take you in my arms, close my eyes, breath your scent so intoxicating, hear an owl call out unseen, and I can only whisper my darkest wish …