Freedom in open hearts and minds, unwind to music that in my solitude find. 

My solitude?


I am never alone.

There is mythology here. Rumours, whispers of creation, the tricks and games of devious and deviant Gods. 

Shall we speak of love in winter? Such fire unleashed on cold days when snow in heavy in the sky but dust on the air, dispelled by Him, out there and walking wild and reckless.

They found each other and we saw them in tall towers on mirrors and shadows cast upon tantalising walls.

Such games could be considered dangerous if not played by ones so strange.

Would you like romance?

Or the honesty of desire?

Why not have both?

Such cunning are but tools that are mine, at hand beside a dark hearts burning fire.

See the crimson curves on flags set apart, gentle kisses released, hands that work to make such a mark. Not so shallow but deeper within, the warmth of a smile, the delicacy of sin.

I’m looking at you!

Looking from my third eye, a voyuers desire, your passion my is need to then spy. I breath deep and watch you, alone and with the devil that is me, stolen nights long forsaken, oh Christ how that night shall so long haunt me.

As firm as your memory as soft as your skin that creeps in unlooked for fills my mind with such furious din.

No second chance. No second time around.

Too much has past. We now tread such different ground.

Dance for me stranger, tease this devilish need, come closer you palest of angels, come fill this monsters dark greed.

Is this romance you look for?

Lovers crave more honesty than most, treat you like a lady, embrace you like a brothel keepers host.

My heart is long lost, buried and gone, flys on the wind singing a ghosts forlorn song.

This is not self pity, I have no time for that, I sit in the darkness, stroking such elegant cats.

And the eyes that then watch me reflections of my own, the music is the key to our madness and our moans, stand then before me let me worship you so, let me dress you in such dainty a that your true beauty shows, your mind is a treasure that makes your body a must, together drives my passions and so fires my lusts. 

My hands are beside me oh how I crave the swiftest of touchs, hearts beating faster now, my greatest if crushes.

Pictures never taken, my muse never to return, I sit in my solitude and with loving curses burn.